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Massive exodus?


2006 04 17
It's getting more and more of a scary movie that nobody can turn off...

Our country may soon become a youth desert with no human potential. Young creative and bright people flee the country in the race for a better life... Nothing seems to deter them.

Are you thinking of living and working abroad in the future?


2006 04 27
I think that it is very good because young people have well paid works.They will back for Poland with many from e.g.England or Ireland and probably they will be open new factories and they will give jop people who need it


2006 05 01
to Mumin:

Yeah, You're right, absolutely right, but on one condition:
>-- all those people will return --<
and this is not that certain.

I fear that most of them will want to change their place of living for ever.
Not only because of better salaries but general living conditions (medical care and so on).

But I DO hope they are going to come back;) lol


2006 05 02
In my mind emigration to other countries is ok. If people go back to their mother land they may find better job cause know language better. And if not they may get good job and high sallary abroad. There are no possibilities for young people in Poland when they dont know English or other foregin language. World is big global villige and we should open for oter nations


2006 05 10
Patka, maybe You're right about this global village. Communication is becoming crazy nowadays. People can travel around the globe in 48h, they have the net, mobiles, satellites and so on. The world is shrinking so maybe it's time to forget about local patriotism and really open to the world - be more cosmopolitan...



2006 10 06
And to my mind it was with a great relief to hear we were admitted to the EU....at very long last a real opportunity to leave all this crap behind ocurred, which of course we should take advantage of:)
Patriotism is good in times of war: the united against invader, but it`s pointless in our case nowadays as there`s nothing really being done to us....apart from a lethal dose of political amusement.
Bitter as it may seem it`s just the way i see it. Having left the country i can now say i won`t ever regret it, even though i`ve left some people whom i miss.

PS Speszal pozdro tu JOEY, MUMIN and MOJA EKIPA

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