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Summer holidays in our mother ..


2006 04 17
Where 're you going for your holidays?
Any place you can recommend in Poland?
..any link would be welcome

ps. I'm planning to make a subpage with a tourist guide where we could share photos and info about cool spots in Poland


2006 04 17
I haven't planned my holidays yet, but i think that i will spend it in Poland....

Places to spend holidays in our coutry are not bad, and they aren't wore than places in Europe.... But they are still expensive...

Łeba is my favourite place............ It's great place to spend holidays........ A lot of places to walk, big and clean beach.....

Sorry but i haven't got any links......... I invite on interested www.google.pl


2006 04 27
I think that Poland is very beautiful country BUT poles do not care about our forests and lakes and the rivers .People think that litter disappear when they throw it on the ground or in a river and that this is not their problem.Our approach for this problem is very bad and i think that must pass many years that poland will be like germany or sweden


2006 05 04
I would like to reccomend White Lake near Płock. There are many beautifull places in forrest and the water is warm. We spent a pleasant day wandering around the area. Also there are playing-field to volleyball. If you like you may sleep in tent if not - you may rent a chalet.And if you have a bike - nothing more you need. You forget abaut city and traffic jams and enjoy fresh air.


2006 05 10
Patka! Thanks a lot for the information. Soon I'm going to learn more about the White Lake. Lakes, forests... what else do you need to be filled with joy? ;)



2006 06 19
Księży Młyny city is a good place. Up a Lodz >100km.

it's me

2008 06 05
I'll go to Canada for 14 days

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