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Internet addiction


2006 04 17
Recently there's been more and more warnings about the net addiction - people forget about sleep, food, friends and spend their life in front of the screen.

Are Y O U afraid of the addiction?

If your answer is 'no, definitely not', think about 2 weeks W I T H O U T your pc and the net..;) Could you do that?


2006 04 17
i will be honest.... In last month i have spent every night with computer..... But I don't think thats my addiction... I like computers, I have read a lot of interesting articles abut them.... To my mind it's passion, and I am not going to fight with it :-)

It's my opinion


2006 04 22
hmm. I use cemputer and internet only to 3 things. It's my favourite game, call of duty, call of duty united offensive and call of duty 2, I played for 2 years. 2 it's gadu gadu, I use gadugadu to communication with my friends. 3 find informations about many topics, when i need to school. In my opinion, chat is shit :p for example czteria.pl :)


2006 04 24
cheat is shit....:P:P:P .... I hate campers !!


2006 04 27
I remember the nights that just slipped silently by without any notice, especially by my beloved and rest-in-peace human-like computer AMIGA.

First it was A500 - propbably the most popular model and then came its powerful ancestor - A1200. Those games, that music and graphics - I had to change the joystick every month.

Even before, there was this funny 8-bit Atari 65XE. Bruce Lee, Frogger, Pacman - all the games were loaded from tapes. Who would have thought about such machines that are a standard today?

What was your first computer?


2006 04 30
I don't have a problem with internet addiction. I am using it if really I need. Of course I think that it is sensational because I can find everything what I need but I don't sit with hours by the computer.
However my husband, I thing so that he is addicted to the Internet.


2006 05 03
We should use computer only when we need it. I don't like talking for hours with strangers. It's waste of time. Instead i prefer riding a bike or walking on fresh air


2007 08 23
Good for you patka and keep it that way. Internet can be be the cause of an addiction but now life without internet would be borring and so much more difficult.

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