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miki n7

2007 09 29
Hi, what's you favorite MMORPG's?

I'd like to see who plays internet games altogether :)

miki n7

2007 09 29
Oh sorry I've loose r in "your"


2007 10 02
And what is this game about?

miki n7

2007 10 03
It's not the game, it's kind of the game.
(Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).
World in MMORPG is often fantasy world with monsters etc.
You create a character, you define the class, the race and develop your skills fighting with other players or monsters.
It's very short description but if you want to know more about this type it google, wikipedia etc.
The most famous rpg's:
*WoW,Runescape(british game),Last Chaos,Mu Online.

miki n7

2007 10 03
Sorry, a mistake again. "type it in google..."


2007 10 12
Yeah, I remember now, you're right. I've seen MU a few times. I have a colleague who's a bit crazy about the game and he plays it with few breaks for food, sleep and the toilet.

He flies there on dragons and fights with a sword. Quite nice graphics as far as I can recall.

I've heard that people can make huge money on these games by shaping and developing characters and selling them on an auction later on.



2007 10 28
I'll never forget my Gothic2. It's not an online game but anyway... I was lost for the world for a week

That atmosphere, the graphics, music and the overall thrill... mmm

miki n7

2007 10 28
Yeah, I know this game.
I was playing Morrowind- That's a huge game, a lot of Quests and very big world.
I heard that Oblivion is cool, but I hadn't ocassion to play this game on my PC because of requirements.


2007 10 29
i thing that best online mmorpg is tibia lol xd
nice graphic ^^
music ohh...
and that atmosphere when polish t*** is killing u just for a eq ;d


2009 09 04
Of course the best MMORPG is world of warcraft, but also it is expensive(it costs about 60 zl/month). WOW cute climate, many quest and cool skill.

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