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2007 09 11
I've been doing a lot of TV watching lately and apparently there is nothing else on TV than politics politician an of course the 3445 episode of the Bold and Beautiful. This gets me thinking: what is wrong with this country. I've had enough of all that. Is there any reasonable future for Poland?


2007 09 12
I guess that's some kind of stage in the development of Polish democracy. What I mean is that at some point parties that are keen on havoc and chaos will just perish from the political scene and only those 'more civilised' are going to find their well-merited place.

This is a process in every democratic party. American Republicans and Democrats, English Labour and Liberal parties are an example of the final stage of that evolution.

But who knows how it's going to be in case of our country...? Maybe we'll turn well-known sociological mechanisms upside down? We've got that inclination.

We may have more parties than ever before to finally move the rest of our country to British Isles, where our second small Poland is growing now.

This is potential future for Poland however reasonable it may seem:)

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