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2007 08 14
What kind of music do you prefer? I'll be first... so I like punk, punk rock, hardcore and... reggae a little:)


2007 08 15
When it comes to punk/punk rock I used to listen to sex-pistols but it is an old story now.

'In my garden' by Daab is the only bit of reggae I've ever listened to.

My favourite now is (in the order of importance):

1. Porcupine Tree
2. Ian Brown
3. Husky Rescue
4. Sigur Ros
5. Thievery Corp.

I also enjoy ambient/chillout music when sitting for hours at the computer. But when I need energy boost I turn on Toxicbonkers where my cousin plays the lead guitar. I think I'll press on him to write some stuff about the band and include some photos.


2009 01 18
I love Electro-House music and Reggae, but only Natural Dread Killaz and Mesajah

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