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Fighting for Animals


2007 08 14
If you don't like helping animals or you are cold-blooded you don't have to read this...
I wanna persuade you to helping our little friends. You can join to "Straż Dla Zwierząt" [ http://www.strazdlazwierzat.com.pl/ ](it is something like RSCPA. They are helping us:))
You can also join to VIVA! [ http://www.viva.org.pl ] I'm activist and I can help you if you have any questions. Please!!! Most of people are killing, hitting or starve animals. Why you must be like other people? If you don't want to be with us in theese organization but you see your neighbour, friend or another people who do wrong with animal inform us of it. thank you...


2007 08 15
That's really good you're fighting for animals' rights. You have my full support. I encourage you to write some art-spot about your work, explain what and why you're doing. I guess it could motivate people and make them aware of the problem.

If you want I could add some photos you send me to your art-spot (in the user's editing form there's no option to include photos)

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