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2006 10 30
When does life start?

It may seem like an obvious thing but to my amazement the answers vary. Some people say that life starts when two cells meet. Others believe that life becomes life after a few weeks in its mother's womb. How do you think?


2007 01 20
Hi, I think life starts right at the moment of joining male and female cells. . . When a child is born we can see with naked eye a human being. It happens usually after the ninth month of pregnancy.
Sometimes babies are delivered just after seven (or perhaps less) months of pregnancy. . . So how can we be legitimized to say, for example, life starts after 3 months or so? It's ridiculous: 1-90 days - it's not a human being, 90 days and up - it's a human being.
Life definitely starts right at the brginning - it is just a growing human, developing his/her own body with its all complexities.

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