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School aggression


2006 10 30
Who is to blame - school or family?


2006 12 02
school AND family.....but school a bit more:)


2007 12 01
Mostly family because they are obligated to control their children's behavior and when they fail they often try to accuse the school because they are not able to face their own mistakes.

I think that to the most troubled part of our young society should be placed in military school's like the problem was solved in USA.

Sometimes parents are not able to bring their children what they need... sometimes because they are poor, sometimes because they work and they don't spend time with their children and sometimes because they are not worth to be called "parents".

Some of you may say that military school is not the answer but to my mind - some of the "bad youth" might learn something about duty and what's important in their lives. Why? Because extreme situations give us a chance to know ourselves better...

I know it looks a little bit like Mr Girtych's "special" schools but thats totally different in my opinion.

To my mind it might be a good idea but people responsible for the selection of these young trouble makers should be well educated in psychology and have experience (working) with the children.

Of course every time with every child/teenager we've got different situation and every case should be treated separately.

Good question - if you compare it with the last revelations about 11yo boy in one of Łódź schools that terrorizes teachers and other children.

I don't know if the military school would teach these children much but according to my observations (and i live near the MZSS called "trójka") it wouldn't make them behave worse.

Good luck, and good night!

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