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Who plays in Call of duty 2 m..


2006 04 22
I hope that i will find people who plays in COD 2:)
It's the best fpp game. fpp = first person perspective


2006 04 24
Maybe it's funny but I can't live without COUNTER STRIKE :P To my mind it's the best game... and it is 8 years old....... This game never die :D:D


2006 05 10
the best fpp game I've ever seen in my life is call of duty, part 1. I didn't have a chance to play part 2. The plot, atmosphere, tension, graphics, dynamics - all these were perfect in the game. COD rules! ;)



2006 12 17
I also like CoD, it's the best and the most realistic shooter about the 2nd world war I've ever played :D but my computer is to old to launch Call of Duty 2 :(

If U like on-line team shooters I recommend Enemy Territory, although it isn't as realistic as CoD, there is more cooperation in it ;] there are classes of soldiers, for example engineer, medic, field ops, covert ops, and you are getting experience for fighting, which improve your combat skills :) and this game is completly free ;)


2010 10 20
I play in ET. I recommend this game, it not have advanced graphics but i think this game is very good. Who else play in Enemy Territory ?

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