At the restaurant

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  1. -I'll have two glasses of mineral water, please. -Still or ___?

  2. I want to talk to the manager. The ___ was very rude when I was ordering the meal.

  3. Could I have spicy chicken wings with ___ potatoes, please?

  4. We're going out today. I've ___ a table for two in the Golden Hen restaurant.

  5. I don't like this new restaurant. They don't give any ___ before the meal.

  6. Veronica and Peter ate supper in a really cosy place. They used there silver ___.

  7. Well, I'm ready to ___. I'll have French fries and fried carp, please.

  8. What I really hate the most about the restaurants is when I have to ask for the ___.

  9. Steve will have the soup of the day ___ by pork chops, please.

  10. -Would you like any ___? -Yes, I'll have ice creams and fruit salad, please.

  11. They have a really poor ___ here. There are only two main courses and three desserts.

  12. At the restaurant they have unique ___. The plates are hand-painted.

  13. I don't want any dessert. I'm ___.

  14. The ___ at the restaurants should be polite and qualified.

  15. I'm very ___. I'll have two glasses of mineral water, please.