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  1. Doctor, look at my jaw, it's swollen, I'm suffering from a severe ___.

  2. I'm afraid you have a very high ___.

  3. Look at her! She can hardly walk, I guess she's ___ her ankle.

  4. If you suffer from stomachache and can't eat too much, a cup of mint will help you solve ___ problems.

  5. Ever since the accident she's been suffering from terrible ___. Whenever she stands up and tries to walk, she tumbles over.

  6. As far as I know the most serious disease of the liver is ___. Skin and eyes have a yellow tint.

  7. Most people do not treat ___ as an ailment. On the contrary, these sunny spots add to the attractiveness of a person.

  8. ___ or pes planus, as the professionals call it, helped my friend get out of the infamous duty of military service.

  9. Among the various forms of cancer, ___ is the one that affects blood and reduces red cells.

  10. You can easily give your pet ___ by giving it inappropriate food. That means you will need to take it out every 2 hours.

  11. hm?

  12. kokokok