Few a few/Little a little

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  1. I have ___ money. I can't afford this TV, it's too expensive.

  2. Margaret is rather plump because she exercises ___.

  3. You have ___ books on your bookshelf. It's nearly empty.

  4. -How much rice have you got? -Just ___. I'll have to buy some.

  5. I would like to show you places we've seen during our holidays but Michael did ___ photos.

  6. -Do you want any salt in your salad? -Yes, ___ please.

  7. Yesterday I bought ___ colourful T-shirts.

  8. All I need is ___ trust and love.

  9. This table is too big for your kitchen. There is ___ space.

  10. Wait for me. I need ___ minutes to talk to my mother.

  11. I have ___ time for my family as I'm working all the time.

  12. Tina is very conceited and that's why she has so ___ friends.

  13. She was there 10 minutes earlier since there was ___ traffic.

  14. -Do you have any trees in you garden? -Yes, ___.

  15. I like the book "Conversations with an Executioner" very much. I've read it quite ___ times.