Wish 1

wykonań: 298, śr. wynik: 50%, poziom: 3, profil: Gimnazjum Szkoła średnia Matura Dorośli

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  1. I'm sorry that I ever told him about all this.
    I wish I ___ him.

  2. Why do you never tell me what's wrong?!
    I wish you ___ me what's wrong!

  3. I was really foolish not to listen to you when you tried to warn me against his dishonesty.
    I wish I ___ to you.

  4. We will never find the 'Red Dragon' night club in Beijing as I cannot say a single word in Chinese. I wish I ___ how to ask the way.

  5. Look at this terrible weather! Don't you wish we ___ somewhere in Australia now?

  6. This road is in terrible state! I wish our local authorities ___ care of it and ___ all these ocean-deep holes.

  7. My family have been at the seaside since Monday. How I wish I ___ with them now...

  8. I learned to smoke in a high school toilet. What a thoughtlessness! I wish I ___ touched a cigarette!

  9. We missed the most important part of the conference! I wish we ___ a bit faster...

  10. Despite all my practice I still have problems with 'wish' in English. I wish I ___ use it well enough to pass my exam with flying colours...